What to do when someone dies at home?

What to do when someone dies at home?

At Price & Kelway we often assist individuals when their family member has died providing support and advice. We review Wills for specific wishes and discuss options when someone dies intestate (without a Will).

But if your loved one or friend dies at home, what should you do? Well the answer is that it depends on the circumstances:-

Was the death unexpected?

You should immediately dial 999 and request an ambulance and the police. The operator will give you instructions to carry out resuscitation if this is necessary. When the paramedics arrive, they will carry out resuscitation and/or confirm the death.

It is important that you leave the area untouched unless you need to carry out any resuscitation.

The removal of the body will be organised by the police. A funeral director acting for the coroner (or procurator fiscal in Scotland) will ensure appropriate care and attention is carried out.

Was the death was anticipated and the cause known and of natural causes?

You should contact the deceased’s GP or the nearest doctor if appropriate.

The doctor will issue the medical death certificate that will allow you to register the death with your local registry office.

You may call a funeral director of your choice as soon as you are ready. Funeral directors provide a 24-hour service and can arrange for the deceased to be taken to a funeral home.

Was the death was anticipated but the doctor is unsure about the actual cause of death?

If the deceased died suddenly or if the death was from natural causes but the deceased had not been to see a doctor in the past 2 weeks, the doctor will contact the coroner who may order a post mortem examination.

This will determine the cause of death and provide the necessary forms and certificates.

If you have any questions please contact us.

Did you know our Gareth Lewis is the Deputy Coroner for Pembrokeshire?