Wills and Probate


There are many reasons why you should make a Will, some of which stem from the consequences of not making one! It shows family and friends that you care about them and have thought about their future after you have gone.

It provides certainty and peace of mind both for you and those you leave behind.  Your money and property will go to those whom you consider are deserving of it.

If you do not make a Will the Intestacy Rules apply meaning your property could go to a relative whom you may not wish to benefit whilst those whom you intend to benefit who are not family will lose out.

It limits the scope for potential unfortunate and unseemly wrangling between dependants as to whom should get what.

Your estate is less likely to be swallowed up in expensive litigation to determine who should get what.

If you have no family or dependants and do not make a will (and die intestate) your whole estate could go to the Duchy of Lancaster (the tax man!).

We are a member of Certainty, the National Will Register. Wills registered with Certainty gives you total peace of mind ensuring that your loved ones can quickly and easily locate your Will following death.

Probate and administration of estate

You may if you instruct us to draw up your will (or even if you have not) wish us to either act as your executors or assist you with the winding up of an estate.

The death of a close family member is a traumatic event and we have wide experience of handling such matters with sensitivity and tact.

If we are acting as executors or advising the executors the costs of administering the estate are generally paid for out of the estate.

Our charges (especially compared with certain banks who typically charge 3 or 4% of the value of the estate) are extremely competitive. We charge a fee based on the time it takes to administer and wind up the estate plus a percentage mark up of its value as a reflection of the importance of the matter and consequently the responsibilities of the firm. All charges are plus VAT and any necessary disbursements.

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We can also act where no will has been executed.

Upon being instructed we will if required instruct the Funeral director, establish the beneficial entitlements, contact potential beneficiaries, contact banks and other financial institutions, advise the executor or executrix, apply for probate or letters of administration as appropriate, get in the estate assets, advise as to any inheritance tax liabilities, make arrangements to prepare Inland Revenue accounts, if necessary serve statutory notices, discharge estate liabilities and account to beneficiaries as appropriate.